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Meet Mark Lehner


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Mark Lehner, husband and father of 3, is a local Norwin graduate of 2000, born in McKeesport and raised in North Huntingdon/Irwin area. He began working at the age of 12 as a paper boy and hasn't stopped since.

After graduating high school, he moved to Truckee, California to fulfill his dream in becoming a professional halfpipe and slopestyle skier.

While he was there for 12+ years, he learned many trades including the ins and outs of home building, simple plumbing/general construction, and home maintenance/care skills.

After moving back to Pennsylvania in 2013, Mark met his beautiful wife Kiersten and they started their family. 

Mark started an incredible detailing business, Auto-Mobile Detailing. His entrepreneurial mind developed the idea shortly before his first son was born, and developed it while also working full time. Restoring cars was always a passion of Marks, and he watched this blossom over the years.

In August of 2021, Marks world was turned upside down, he was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. It was a life changing shock this 39 year old father had to face. With an uncertain future, he was forced to sell his detailing business. However, he refused to let this diagnosis engulf his life. So with a strong, positive attitude, healthy lifestyle, and strong family by his side, he came through with incredible force, and beat cancer!  

Through the time of healing, and self reflectance, Mark came up with this incredible business idea of Rad Dad Services.

He wants to be able to give back and help service his neighbors with most of life's hurdles, big or small. 

We can all agree that everyone needs GOOD help these days.


Get back to what really matters in life, and let us help you, knock out that "to do" list! 


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